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Micaela Bensko - Moana Vida

    Editorial: My Hair And Everything That Goes With It, By Micaela Bensko

    By: Micaela Bensko | MoanaVida

    My hair. It's a moan every woman has exhaled throughout her life. Rarely do you hear a woman expound upon the exquisiteness of her own locks. 

    Editorial: When News Makes You Reflect, By Micaela Bensko

    I got ornery today. It started out as any ordinary day. My eyelids frosted into slits. I creaked and needed coffee to rise. I tipped the creamer into my nectar of the bod and it splashed down the front of my chest, to my leg, and the floor. I sat there and wondered if the day was going to be more of the same once I was out the door.

    Editorial: Bringing Awareness To Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Chances are you've heard of Parkinson's. Funding for this disease numbers around a hundred million each year. What if I told you there is a disease that affects about the same amount of individuals every year, and rates a on a pain scale higher than childbirth or cancer pain? And what if I told you the average patient sees up to twelve doctors before they get the proper diagnosis. This is if they are lucky enough not to commit suicide before someone can offer them relief.

    Editorial: Embracing Simplicity This Holiday Season

    By: Micaela Bensko

    The fireplace illuminated the stockings with a flickered haze like an old-time movie. Christmas music trickled through the television speakers. Crumpled balls of newspaper scattered like tumble weeds as the children unearthed each ornament for the tree. White globs of flocking clung to their sweaters, swiped off by tiny hands only to fall into the fur of our passing pups. 

    Most Important Steps In Planning A Wedding Are Sometimes Overlooked

    By: Micaela Bensko | MoanaVida

    The most important steps in planning a wedding are sometimes overlooked. In order to maintain focus, the first thing you need to do is re-frame your mind, your thinking, your entire DNA and are now a Bride and a Groom.