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Santa Clarita News

Santa Clarita News

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KHTS is a vibrant member of the community. Its broadcast signal reaches all of the Santa Clarita Valley and parts of the high desert communities located in the Antelope Valley.

    Fire Department Checks Into Downed Plane Report

    The Los Angeles County Fire Department answered calls of a downed airplane in the Sand Canyon area at approximately 12:30pm, today, September 22.

    According to Los Angeles Fire Department Inspector Jason Hurd, fire department personnel could not find anything that indicated a plane crashed or landed.

    Speculation could be made that since the California Highway Patrol was conducting  Airplane Speed Enforcement in the area, residents could have confused the ending of the CHP event and the plane leaving with a plane landing or crashing.


    City to Hold Charrette for North Newhall Plan

    Multi-Day Workshop Will Focus On Traffic, Environmental Issues, Economics and Design
    The North Newhall Specific Plan continues to make progress toward its initial design phase; the City is inviting Newhall area property and business owners to participate in the planning process. The City of Santa Clarita will host the “North Newhall Charrette,” at the William S. Hart Park in Hart Hall, located at 24151 San Fernando Road in Santa Clarita, from September 25 to 28, open daily to the public from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    Dodgers Win 5-2

    The Dodgers beat the Pirates 5-2, Thursday night. Tune in to KHTS Friday at 7:00pm when the Dodgers will play the Diamondbacks.

    Orange Lutheran Beats Valencia 47-17

    Thursday night, Orange Lutheran beat Valencia 47-17. Tune in to KHTS Saturday at 3:30pm for the Chino and Saugus game.

    City’s Annual Teen Scene Unplugged to Discuss Internet Danger and Safety

    Many parents and guardians are unaware of the dangers teenagers and children face on the internet. It only takes a few clicks on the internet to be followed by an internet hacker and internet predators can easily monitor unaware children or adults online. To raise awareness about internet dangers and safety, the City of Santa Clarita’s Blue Ribbon Task Force is holding Teen Scene Unplugged: Plugging Into Your Teen’s Online World on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2006. The event will be held at the Hyatt Valencia, located at 24500 Town Center Drive.

    Fire At San Fernando Road Exit Of Highway 14

    A fire at the San Fernando exit of Highway 14 was reported at 10:18am, Thursday, September 21.  The fire is on the east side of the highway was extinguished by  Los Angeles County Fire within one hour.  Approximately 10 acres were burned, according to Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Jason Hurd.  Traffic on Highway 14 is not affected. 

    Magic Mountain Pkwy/I-5 Interchange Improvements

    The construction for the Magic Mountain Parkway/I-5 interchange improvements is underway!  The general contractor, Security Paving Construction, is currently constructing a rectangular shaped storm drain box, which is located west of The Old Road.  The completion of the entire storm drain box and the outlet structure should take about 12 months.

    The improvements involve various construction activities in the City, Los Angeles County, and Caltrans' jurisdictions. 

    Dodgers Lose 10-6

    The Dodgers lost to the Pirates 10-6, Tuesday night, in game one of a three game series. Tune in to KHTS Wednesday at 6:30 when the Dodgers will play game two against the Pirates.

    City Appeals to Drivers in Latest Billboard Against CEMEX on 14 Fwy

    Coalition of Nearly 8,000 Oppose CEMEX Plans for a 69 million Ton Mine


    The City of Santa Clarita this week launched the second round of its billboard campaign against a 69 million ton mega mine to be located adjacent to schools and thousand of homes.

    Recommended Evacution Order for Lockwood Valley

    The Ventura County Sheriff's Department issued a recommended evacuation order for Lockwood Valley between Highway 33 & Frazier Park Road, due to the Day Fire. The blaze began Labor Day by someone burning debris in the Los Padres National Forest.  So far, the blaze has taken out over 80,000 acres with only 15% containment, by almost 2200 firefighters.