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Santa Clarita News

Santa Clarita News

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KHTS is a vibrant member of the community. Its broadcast signal reaches all of the Santa Clarita Valley and parts of the high desert communities located in the Antelope Valley.

    Home Fire Breaks Out In Canyon Country

    A home caught on fire around 1:00pm. The home is located on Keaton Avenue, off of Whites Canyon Road and Steinway in Canyon Country. No one was home at the time of the fire.

    Brush Fire Near 5/14 Split

    A brush fire burned a section of hillside off of Sierra Highway and the 14 freeway. The fire burned 1/4 acre but has been put out. Commutes are not expected to be impaired.

    The fire comes amid massive warnings of fire danger given the high winds, temperature and low humidity.

    Kings beat Phoenix 4-0

    Kings beat the Phoenix Coyotes with 4 power play goals.Kings win it 4-0

    WW II Comes To Life With Seldom Heard Stories


    The Valencia High School Theater was the site of a live engagement featuring a former Tuskegee Airman, a member of the Japanese American 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and two former Military Intelligence Service members of Japanese decent.


    The event is part of A Season of Diversity, which continues its series run in Santa Clarita.


    “Business Watch” Takes Aim At Identity Theft

    Sheriff’s deputies and detectives met with business owners Wednesday to discuss a new program designed to reel in identity theft, which is growing at a rate of 50% a year.

    The program is called F.I.T.E, which stands for Fraud and Identity Theft Education. It teaches business owners how to protect themselves against theft on their premises, which is a leading contributor to personal identity theft. Thieves break into businesses, steal client databases, and use the information they receive to electronically rob multiple people.

    Fire Breaks Out In Oil Fields Off Sierra Highway

    A brush fire broke out at approximately this afternoon in the oil fields just north of

    Placerita Canyon Rd
    Sierra Highway
    .  Fire crews arrived on the scene immediately and used the oil field’s access roads to get to the top of the hill almost directly where the fire was burning.

    Woman Shoots Burglar In Canyon Country


    This morning a man trying to break into a residence in Canyon Country was shot three times by the homeowner. The suspect then fled into a car driven by his mother. Sheriff’s deputies arriving on the scene were able to apprehend the suspect and his mother less than a mile away. This occured between 10:45 and 11:15am.

    The robbery occurred this morning on Canvas St, a main residential road off of Soledad Canyon, between Anne Freda and Sand Canyon Rd.

    City Makes Improvements on Two Major Bus Routes

    Changes are first steps towards system restructuring