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Santa Clarita News

Santa Clarita News

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KHTS is a vibrant member of the community. Its broadcast signal reaches all of the Santa Clarita Valley and parts of the high desert communities located in the Antelope Valley.

    Alert Residents Save The Day

    Six Suspects arrested after casing Neighborhood.

    The Sheriff’s Department is reporting that six suspects were arrested on drug and burglary related charges early Saturday morning after alert Santa Clarita residents called the station about a suspicious vehicle.


    An off-duty police officer also called in, and proceeded to follow the vehicle after seeing them tamper with a parked vehicle.


    Deputies arrived and were able to detain the suspects on Soledad Canyon Road.


    Dodgers Win Another 6-4

    The Dodgers sweep the two game series against the Arizona Diamondbacks by winning 6-4.The Dodgers will be in Colorado tomorrow to take on the Colorado Rockies.  Coverage will begin on Your Hometown Station, AM 1220, KHTS.

    City Pushes To Prepare Residents

    12 months of preparedness guide you through all possibilities.

    There is no rule to say what an emergency is and what it is not. A power outage in a neighborhood won’t make the news, but it could leave you completely helpless for hours.


    A simple day of Christmas shopping could end up an emergency for you if someone gets a hold of your financial information, but there would be no articles written about you the next day, telling you what to do next.


    Dodgers beat the D-Backs

      Tonight the LA Dodgers defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-1.

      You can listen  to the next Dodger game live April 17th, starting at 6pm. They will face the Diamondbacks.

    Cooley Targeting Illegal Alien Gang Members

    Strategy will make use of fingerprint data.

    ImageSupervisor Michael D. Antonovich praised Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley for assigning three deputy district attorneys to target illegal alien gang members:“Effective gang suppression must include bold measures to identify criminal illegal immigrants and remove them from the country,” said Antonovich. 


    Legendary Stuntman Williams Dies

    Cause of death was natural causes.

    Jack Williams, a legendary stuntman who lived in Agua Dulce for decades, has died. He was 85 years old.


    He was a force in Santa Clarita, and many have fond memories of him.


    His name is emblazoned on the Western Walk of Stars, a symbol of the many times he performed stunts for some of the most renowned stars in Hollywood.

    Valencia Challenger Crowns Champs

    It was an action packed Sunday as the finalists in the USTA Pro Circuit tennis event squared off here in Santa Clarita.

    Sheriff's Deputies Stop Newhall Jumper

    Distraught Man Grabbed Before Jumping Off Bridge

    An apparently distraught man who threatened to jump off a Newhall bridge
    today was stopped by sheriff's deputies who grabbed hold of him, authorities said.

    Keeping Teens Safe Behind The Wheel

    April 17th, teens will get  a lesson from the pros.

    Traffic accidents are the number one cause of teen deaths.  The National  Highway Traffic Administration reports that 437,000 teenagers were killed or  injured in traffic accidents in 2005. Distractions like talking on cell phones and  text messaging while driving are adding to the problem.  

    Dodgers Win 9-3

    On Sunday evening, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres 9-3.  You can hear the next Dodger game, as they open up a two game series with the Arizona Diamondbacks, Monday night beginning at 6:00pm on AM1220 KHTS.