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Santa Clarita News

Santa Clarita News

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KHTS is a vibrant member of the community. Its broadcast signal reaches all of the Santa Clarita Valley and parts of the high desert communities located in the Antelope Valley.

    Memorial Weekend DUIs, Fatalities Up From Last Year

    The CHP reports increases in Santa Clarita

    Before Memorial Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol issued materials warning drivers to drive safely because they would be ramping up their patrols.


    In fact, 80% of the force’s patrol officers were out over the weekend. The goal was to hopefully prevent people from making poor decisions on the road such as drinking and driving, not wearing seatbelts or speeding.


    20th Anniversary Bus Tour Planned For SCV

    Travel through 20 Years of Accomplishments with Mayor Marsha McLean

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    Update On Snake Bite Victim

    Young man is recovering from treatment

    Chris Bolewski, a 19 year old who was bitten by a rattle snake on Sunday is making strides in his recovery, a Loma Linda University Hospital spokesperson says.


    Experts believe that the bite may have come from a Mojave Green snake, whose venom is incredibly strong.


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    Valley Fair Finds New Home In SCV

    San Fernando Valley Fair steps outside own borders to Saugus Speedway

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    24 Hours Of Relay For Life

    To many, walking to help fight Cancer is a big deal

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    Antonovich Gets "Leader Of Character" Award

    Boy Scouts honor LA County Supervisor

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    More Money For Off Road Enforcement

    LA County Sheriff’s Department getting grant

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    Celebrating The Good In Education

    Hart District highlights good news in local schools

    The William S Hart School District issues a publication called “What’s Good In Education” that features the positive news coming out of local High Schools and Jr. Highs.


    Below are some excerpts from that publication. This is your way to find out what’s going on around the district and a chance to shed some light on students and programs that are doing great things for Santa Clarita!


    Concert To Benefit Hart Music Department  

    Female Gang Members Busted

    Patrol Deputy spots them spray painting at Canyon High

    Five girls were arrested Monday night after a deputy spotted them in the parking lot of Canyon High School and reportedly watched as one of them spray painted a wall at the school.

    Further investigation and the eventual detention of all the individuals reportedly resulted in the recovery of additional spray paint and three knives in the suspects vehicle.

    Mid-Day Bus Service To LA Starting Soon

    Shuttle Service Gives Commuters Greater Travel Options



    The City of Santa Clarita Transit is announcing a new mid-day service to and from Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. The new service, called Mid-Day Flyer 747, will begin Monday, June 4th.

    The Mid-Day Flyer 747 shuttle service will make one trip going to Union Station and a return trip to Santa Clarita. The service will operate on weekdays and serve the Via Princessa, Santa Clarita and Newhall Metrolink Stations.