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Santa Clarita News

Santa Clarita News

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KHTS is a vibrant member of the community. Its broadcast signal reaches all of the Santa Clarita Valley and parts of the high desert communities located in the Antelope Valley.

    Murder, Mutilation, And Charades At The REP

    Reportory Easy Playhouse starts off summer with "81 series"


    The Repertory East Playhouse will launch into summer with the second production of the highly anticipated “81 Series” on Friday, July 6, at 8:00pm with Betty’s Summer Vacation, by Christopher Durang. Betty's Summer Vacation is a black comedy send-up of America 's insatiable appetite for scandal and reality television, is a merry beachside romp featuring murder, mutilation and charades.

    Picketers Set Stage For Tonight's Henry Mayo Debate

    Round two goes before City Council

    ImageYesterday, a group of protesters lined McBean Parkway in front of Henry Mayo Hospital and held signs exclaiming their opposition to the proposed Henry Mayo Master Plan for Expansion.

    Some of the signs read “Hospital yes, office space no.”

    Santa Clarita Girl Looks for Donations

    Madison Martinez selected to participate in UCI BMX Championships


    Online Registration A Hit For Relay

    Relay For Life participants like the new method

    This was the first year that online registration and fundraising have been stressed by the committee which organizes the American Cancer Society’s Santa Clarita Valley Relay For Life, and the effort has paid off big-time for the local event.

    Even though the $142,518 raised online was only a small part of the local event’s total proceeds approaching $500,000, the tally was enough to rank the local fundraiser No. 1 out of 54 similar events in Los Angeles County.

    Runner's Bill Should Relieve LA Courts

    Senate Bill 796 would Create an Additional Grand Jury

    Legislation authored by Sen. George Runner (R-Antelope Valley) that would create an additional Criminal Grand Jury in Los Angeles County, has unanimously passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee.


    Local Congregation Welcomes New Clergy

    Rabbi Ira Rosenfeld and Cantor Beth Wasserman Rosenfeld join Congregation Beth Shalom

    Congregation Beth Shalom of the Santa Clarita Valley is delighted to
    welcome new clergy to guide its member families as spiritual leaders.
    Rabbi Ira Rosenfeld and Cantor Beth Wasserman Rosenfeld join CBS on July
    1. This will be the married couple’s first opportunity to be working
    together for the same congregation.

    Atlantis Lands At Edwards

    Atlantis lands, no sonic boom heard in Santa Clarita. 



    The Atlantis, STS-117, has been trying to land since yesterday, and finally touched ground at 12:49, at Edwards Air Force Base. 

    Rain had cancelled the previous landing planned at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and despite expectations, there was no sonic boom.   

    Theatre Project Secures First Sponsor

    Santa Clarita’s MacDonald’s Restaurants Donates $5000 to Theatre Project


    Hospital Celebrates Connector Completion

    Henry Mayo Corridor Now Complete

    Image Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital celebrated the completion of a corridor that now connects the hospital’s main building with its Pavilion on Thursday. This is a move that will significantly improve the comfort and safety of patient transportation, as well as the delivery of care between the buildings.

    Save The Greenbelt

    The Greenbelt faces possible development


    Part II: by Wendy Langhans

    The Greenbelt is the area that separates the Santa Clarita Valley from the San Fernando Valley.  Last week, I wrote about the reasons it is considered an open space of state-wide significance and how, because of pressure from developers, the Greenbelt is “in play”.  As a reminder of the role played by the Greenbelt: