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Health and Beauty brought to you by Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.

    Henry Mayo To Offer Free Flu Shots At Chamber Expo

    khts_healthIt’s that time of year when you need to roll up your sleeve and take a shot in the arm. In an effort to keep our community healthy, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital is offering free flu shots to adults 50 years of age and older or adults in a high risk category, while supplies last.

    Top Ten Back Care Tips

    By Dr. Carolyn A. Griffin, D.C.:

    1. Avoid sudden twists or turns of movement beyond normal limits of motion, especially of the neck.

    2. Avoid bending or stooping sharply to pick up objects; rather, bend your knees to minimize the strain on your lower back.

    Internal Factors That Contribute To Falls

    Headache_pic1As your parent(s) approaches the "golden years", there are many things that can occur regarding health.

    by, Tim Eckard

    Reaction time declines Strength decreases Flexibility is lost Vision deteriorates Posture can change Disease can impair balance Medications may cause dizziness, fainting, and many more.  

    Hidden Benefits Of This Cactus Like Plant

    glenivyNow that the summer heat is at its peak in the Santa Clarita valley, skin related problems are more prevalent. That’s why it is important to use a skin care product that heals and nourishes your skin.

    Screenings Help Prevent Heart Disease And Stroke

    khts_healthOver the years, high blood sugar slowly causes damage to blood vessels throughout the body. This is especially true in the heart and brain. As a result, heart disease and stroke are two of the most important health risks for people with diabetes.

    New Twist On A Date Night

    With the stresses of the workweek and the chores that keep you busy, have you thought about taking time for you and your partner?

    Can Your Mattress Be The Cause Of Your Lower Back Pain?

    back_pain_picThere are many causes of low back pain, but it is a common belief that mattress firmnesscauses or perpetuates non-specific low-back pain.

    By, Tim Eckard

    How To Avoid Those Pesky Headaches

    DrGriffin_Headshot2Today 90% of adults are affected by headaches. Causes can cover a broad range including diet, muscular tension, allergies, poor posture, stress, or can be symptoms of an underlying disease.

    A Balanced pH Keeps The Body Healthy

    By Dr. Carolyn A. Griffin, D.C.:

    Your blood must maintain a slight alkaline pH at all times.  If your body becomes too acidic due to eating too much acid forming foods, negative attitudes, and/or chemical pollution –your blood will rob nutrients from your bones to maintain its pH balance.


    All Vegetables

    Therapeutic Exercise Can Decrease Chronic Low Back Pain

    Treadmill_pic1Low back pain occurs in 8 out of 10 people in the human race at sometime during life. Most will recover from the acute (sudden onset) pain but often it will last for months or years.

    By, Tim Eckard