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Health and Beauty brought to you by Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.

    Real Men Wear Chanel

    Business_man_pic1Guys, admit it. We are an awe of women’s beauty products. When they take out their bags and grab their Bare Escentuals and Clinique, we are fascinated by the process of them getting ready for a night out. Most men won’t admit it, but many want to try some of these products. Well after a little digging, here are the 9 female beauty products that men could use and not feel like a “girly man.”

    Black 15 In 1 Hair Care Simplified

    hair_pic_2_copyYou may notice that your bathroom shelves and cabinets hold a lot of gels, serums and other goop that are all supposed to serve different purposes for your hair. Some of these products curl, straighten and de-frizz, but all we want is a product that does it all to master that “just left the salon” look.

    Rituals Colour Salon Brings TOMS Shoes To You

    Rituals_LogoHappy Thanksgiving from Rituals Colour Salon! This month we are bringing TOMS Shoes to you and giving back to our community that we’re so thankful for.
    By, Renee Kaehny

    Bladder Wellness Center


    In the modern age, doctors and patients have come to recognize the importance of specialization in specific parts or systems of the human body.  Cardiologists specialize in the heart, orthopedists specialize in bones, dermatologists specialize in skin.  But who specializes in the care of bladders?


    Transforming America One Teen At Time

    Teen_Girl_pic1Being a teenager can come with its many ups and downs and quite often their confidence level can become compromised. Sometimes all that is needed is a little motivational boost to reassure them of their personal power.

    The 10 Minute Miracle For Your Hair

    85px-Hand_combed_hairLadies, with all of the hair treatments out there on the market today it’s easy to end up buying a lot of products that just don’t do the job. Between the excessive use of flat irons, hair dryers and curling irons, it’s easy to quickly damage your hair. It’s not so quick and easy to repair it.

    The Harvest Glow For Your Body

    3girlGrottoLadies, some of us have had the pleasure of experiencing a facial at some point in our busy lives. However, many of us have not experienced or have even heard of a body treatment and its many benefits.

    Breast Imaging Center Offers Mammograms At Special Price

    breast-imaging-people_copy_copyWith a dedication to fighting breast cancer through early detection and timely treatments, the Sheila R. Veloz Breast Imaging Center is offering a special price for digital screening mammograms during October—Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    How To FInd The Perfect Briefcase To Fit Your Style

    briefcase_pic_copyEvery man needs a briefcase. A briefcase is more of an icon than a piece of luggage. It helps define you. When you walk into your office, you want your briefcase to make a statement. In this article we will cover a broad range of briefcases to help you find the perfect one.