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Health and Beauty brought to you by Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.

    How To Prevent Back Problems

    By Dr. Carolyn A. Griffin, D.C.

    In addition to your Chiropractor’s regular care, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to prevent back pain –a problem that affects 90% of us at some time.

    Lift properly –when lifting, spread your feet to shoulder width, use your legs and bend your knees (not your back).  Once lifted, “hug” your load, keeping it close to the body.

    Breast Feeding Tips For New Moms

    Baby_bottleValencia Medical Supply (located next to Valencia Pharmacy) is a one stop shop for new Mommy needs.  While many do not think of visiting a Medical Supply store for nursing and pregnancy items they offer medical grade quality items in all of the latest colors and styles.

    Lower Back Pain? Look At Your Genetics

    Back_Pain_Pic_copyA recent study of 1552 Turkish university students, who averaged 20 years of age, was conducted to measure how often low back pain occurred in this group and the factors that were associated with those experiencing pain. The hope was that by identifying these factors, that low back pain could be prevented in the future.
    By, Tim Eckard, MSPT, Cert. MDT

    Summer Fun Is Not All Fun And Games

    khts_healthSummer is the time for fun at the pool and barbecues on the beach for many Californians. Unfortunately, it is also the peak time for drowning accidents. At least 172 children died across the United States in drowning accidents between the Memorial Day holiday last year and the Labor Day weekend, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Short On Time? Just Spray And Go!

    Late for work or need to get some extra sleep? Skip the shower and grab your can of dry shampoo for a quick spray and go.450PX-1

    Dry shampoo is a great product if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wash your hair—it lets you go an extra day without washing your hair while giving you tons of volume.

    Use These Tips To Save Yourself From Bug Bites And Rashes

    PillsWith the beginning of a warm summer in our midsts, more and more outdoor activities are being planned. This means that there is a greater chance of bug bites, rashes and poison oak breakouts.

    It’s important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of bug bites and poison oak and how to prevent skin irritations.

    What You Absolutely Must Do Before You Step Out In A Bathing Suit

    Get out of the winter and spring slump and bring some life to your look.

    Maybe you recently pulled on a pair of shorts or have put on a bathing suit and realized, ‘I need to get waxed.’ Getting rid of unwanted hair is crucial in the summertime—there is nothing worse than having unsightly amounts of hair on your body at a time when you plan on wearing dresses, shorts and bathing suits.

    Three Biggest Eyebrow Myths

    Eyebrow_PicLadies, we all know that waxing and threading eliminates un-wanted hair, but does that hair ever grow back after a certain point?

    In order to bust the myths and answer this intriguing question, it’s necessary to examine the structure of our hair and what it is mostly made up of. Surprisingly, our hair is made up of keratin, which is the same strong protein that makes animals fur, feathers, and the outer most skin and nails in humans.

    Every Woman Must Have One This Summer

    CowboyhatsIf you haven’t already noticed, Santa Clarita is warming up. In fact, it’s getting really really hot and you need as much sun protection as you can get all the while staying hip and fashionable.

    For The Summer, Don't Neglect Your Feet And Toes

    As the temperatures grow, you may find yourself digging last year’s sandals and flip-flops out of the closet. But have you asked yourself, “do I need a pedicure?”

    Chances are, you have neglected your feet for a while now. Your feet endure so much; it may be time to hand them over to the professionals for a little fixin’ up.

    But what do pedicures really do for us?