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Health and Beauty brought to you by Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital.

    Use These Tips To Brighten Up Your Eyes

    EYE_PIC_1After a long week of early mornings and endless tasks, all you want to do on the weekend is un wind and let loose. Keep in mind that it’s important to look good while doing so.

    Super Smooth Legs For Summer

    689px-LegsWith summer here, and shorts and swimsuits your staples make sure you have the smoothest legs wherever you go.


    Waxing keeps you ultra-smooth for the longest amount of time but can be costly for those who go to the salon every month. If you are brave enough, try GiGi hair removal wax strips or a GiGi wax kit for do it yourself waxing.

    Breathing Techniques

    By Dr. Carolyn A. Griffin, D.C.

    In today’s world, people are very busy.  We have to go to work, there’s family to feed and take care of, games and practices to attend, errands to run, and of course chiropractic appointments to make.  I thought that this would be a great time to go over some breathing techniques to help you out.

    Why Should I stretch?

    Yoga_classThere are several good reasons to stretch. First, stretching will maintain joint range of motion and flexibility. Flexibility is the total range of motion in a joint or joints.

    By: Tim Eckard, MSPT, Cert. MDT

    Head-turning, Unique Pieces of Jewelry

    photo2Everyone loves things that are unique and one-of-a-kind.

    Men, The One Trick That Will Make You Feel Brand New

    Massages are a great way to release all that stress from the week’s occurrences. They rejuvenate the body, relax the mind, and renew the soul—just what the working man needs to relive stress and feel like new.

    Danny Silvas, Director of Glen Ivy Day Spa in Valencia says that a day at the spa will give guys that extra boost they need.

    The Health Benefits Of Pampering Your Skin

    Facial_PicLadies, we all know that between working a 40 hour week and taking care of the needs of others, we tend to lose sight of our own. Pampering yourself with a little “me” time is not such a bad thing.

    How To Prevent Back Problems

    By Dr. Carolyn A. Griffin, D.C.

    In addition to your Chiropractor’s regular care, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to prevent back pain –a problem that affects 90% of us at some time.

    Lift properly –when lifting, spread your feet to shoulder width, use your legs and bend your knees (not your back).  Once lifted, “hug” your load, keeping it close to the body.

    Breast Feeding Tips For New Moms

    Baby_bottleValencia Medical Supply (located next to Valencia Pharmacy) is a one stop shop for new Mommy needs.  While many do not think of visiting a Medical Supply store for nursing and pregnancy items they offer medical grade quality items in all of the latest colors and styles.