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    Editorial: Officials Working To Get St. Francis Dam Memorial Bill Passed

    Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society officials among other local authorities in the valley are working to get the H.R.5357 Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Memorial Act bill passed by Congress and ultimately the president to protect the dam site and spread awareness of the disaster.

    Do You Have Enough Water Stored For Emergencies?

    From the historic 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake of 1994 to the more recent wildfires, California is one of the most at risk areas for Natural disaster.

    With the threat of wildfires, heat waves, mudslides and crippling earthquakes, emergency preparedness should be at the forefront of every Californian’s mind. This is especially true as, according to NASA scientists, “The deepest drought in more than a century unfolds.”

    Editorial: The Big Myth About The Soledad Canyon Mine


    You would think that a big push to develop a massive gravel mine would at least be backed up by one significant factor: The need for one.

    As we’ve written previously, the proposed 56-million-ton CEMEX mine, just outside the City of Santa Clarita, would cause significant and irreversible impacts on the wildlife corridors in and around the Santa Clara River, and is a threat to the health, safety and welfare of thousands of Santa Clarita Valley residents.

    Editorial: A Better Way To Pay For Our Forests


    By: Dianne Erskine-Hellrigel

    By now you’ve probably heard about the lawsuit in Arizona between the U.S. Forest Service and a group of recreational users over the Coronado National Forest.

    The basic premise is that national forests belong to the people of the United States, and as such, the people should not be charged fees to park and recreate there. 

    Single Mothers Outreach Asks For Santa Clarita Community Help

    The Santa Clarita Valley Single Mothers Outreach executive director and board president are asking the community to help out with the 2013 giving campaign to help the organization continue to aid single mothers in the community.

    Editorial: Managing Family Holiday Stress and Expectations

    I am a firm believer that expectations set us up, especially during the holiday season. A new study found that people experience holiday stress due to unrealistic expectations.

    Editorial: Words From President Of Family Promise Santa Clarita Valley

    Most people are shocked to find out that there are hundreds of homeless children in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    There’s Still Time For Charitable Contributions But The Rules Have Changed

    By: Michael L. Green

    One of the most popular tax deductions for individuals is the allowance for donations to charitable organizations - from the local church or synagogue to the American Cancer Society and various other national organizations. But according to the IRS this deduction has also been among the most abused. Congress has responded to the problem by enacting more rules around documenting donations.

    EDITORIAL: Runner Comments On Gas Prices

    Ask anyone what he thinks about gas prices and you'll likely get an earful. The average price of gasoline in California has risen to more than $4 per gallon -- and, motorists are feeling the pain.

    It's easy to blame big oil companies for this problem, and many do. However, doing so does nothing to explain why Californians see roughly 10 percent higher costs on average at the pump than the rest of the nation.

    Nor does it explain why we refuse to tap the oil in the ground beneath our feet, which would create both new jobs and revenues.

    Guest Commentary: Tucson From SCV Student Perspective

    tucsoncandleBy Carollann Scott

    No one is ever ready for a tragedy. You may have an earthquake kit at home or insurance for your house but when tragedy strikes no one is prepared.

    The city of Tucson was not ready for such a riveting event as that which occurred on Saturday, January 8. That is not to say that the first responders were not prepared because they more than fulfilled their duties on what began as a normal start to the weekend.