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The New Look - Fashion By Sasha

The New Look - Fashion By Sasha

Every week Sasha brings you The New Look - Fashion by Sasha, the latest in fashion trends. Inspired by top designers and Vogue Magazine and in partnership with MissesDressy, The New Look provides an exclusive insight into the fashion scene.

    Grab The Spotlight This Summer With This Seasons Trusty Craftan

    The sun is out and burning here in Santa Clarita and I am ready for the beach. I have been looking everywhere for cutest beachy styles to show off this summer. Something comfortable yet vivid and chic, and I have finally found the perfect look.

    Rock The Perfect Pair Of Party Shoes - Fashion By Sasha

    This summer I am bringing everyone together for a good time. We are doing what we want and wearing what we want. Getting ready for the night, my girls and I finish our last brush of powder over our face and take one more glance in the mirror, but before heading out we all sit down to put on our newest party shoes.

    Brides Are Ready To Express Their Individuality By Going Against Tradition

    There is nothing better than being in a place full of love and happiness, because everything around seems absolutely perfect. The feeling of letting go while dancing to the beat, and looking upon the flawless bride at her dream wedding as she is having the time of her life. Weddings are a beautiful thing here in my hometown Santa Clarita, taking place at very unique locations like award winning golf courses in Robinson Ranch and experiencing the thrill of “I do” at the top of a tower at our very own theme park, Six Flag’s Magic Mountain.Non-traditional wedding dress, The New Look: Fashion by Sasha

    White And Black Dominates Pastel In This Year's Spring Collection

    Over the weekend I was enjoying the hot sun with a few friends here in Santa Clarita, when I brought up how excited I was that black and white is the newest trend this spring.

    I began to ramble about how many different ways I could play with this style, when I suddenly noticed their expressions upon their faces. It was definitely a “seriously?” kind of look. I was a little shocked that they hadn’t already heard how quickly black and white fashion was spreading, but they frowned and said “I’m not too thrilled about dull colors in the spring” however it didn’t take long for them to change their minds, one picture from the Misses Dressy blog was enough.