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Tami Smight

    Shade Solutions For Your Backyard Oasis

    Tami_Smight_HeadshotShade Solution For Your Backyard Oasis

    To create an inviting outdoor room in your backyard, there are some essential elements to work into your design.  SCV summers offer warmer days and nights, the sun can be really intense.  To keep your patio cool and comfortable, try these shade solutions.

    How To Make Your Small Bath Look Larger


    How to Make Your Small Bath Look Larger

    A small powder room or guest bath can present a design challenge.  To create the illusion of space, look no further than these design tips for your design project. You’re sure to make a big splash! 

    Bring Nature Into Your Bedroom


    There is a trend toward natural fibers in all bedding and linens in the home, often made of bamboo, these materials are soft to the touch and beautiful to have in the bedroom and bathroom.

    Why not extend the natural materials to the actual bedroom furniture?




    Garden Seats - 101 Uses!


    Garden seats have traditionally been used as a spot to sit in the garden, a garden sculpture or a catch all spot inside the home.

    After a recent bathroom re-model, I came up with yet another use for this versatile home and garden decor item. 

    Create An Exotic Garden Nook


    TSI_headshotAs the weather warms and we move into spring, wouldn't it be nice to have a backyard oasis... a place you go relax, read a book, meditate or take a nap?

    In today's article, I'll show you how to create a spot in your garden that will call to you on a warm breezy afternoon, so go buy that book this weekend!





    Are You A Clever Cleaner?

    TSI_headshotThe phrase "spring cleaning" suggests that we work terribly hard cleaning our homes, once a year!  That sure doesn't sound like fun to me!  I suggest you become a bit more clever and create a cleaning schedule.

    Read on to learn more...

    Did you know a clever house cleaner will keep the house clean annually (without the dreaded “spring cleaning”).

    Let The Sunshine In!

    TSI_headshotSpringtime is so refreshing, the days are getting longer, the temperature is rising and nature is showing off her spring colors!

    This is the time of year to let the sunshine in your home and welcome the season.


    How To Brighten Your Home With Decorating

    TSI_headshotAs we move toward longer days and sunshine, it is natural to crave brighter light in our homes.  To lighten up and brighten your interior, I offer the following tips, excerpted from






    Beautiful Blues For Your Walls

    I often am hired for paint consultations.  Selecting the right color for a room really is important.  Don't go it alone! Investing in a professional paint consultation will save you time and money.

    Benjamin Moore is one of my favorite paint companies.  They offer some great advice on shades of blue for your home which I share with you in today's article.

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    Create Storage With Built-Ins

    TSI_headshotIt seems we can never have enough storage, especially after putting all the holiday decor away.  If you have every closet and cabinet filled to the rim, consider an area in your home that is "dead space" to add a built-in cabinet.

    Read on to learn more...





    From This Old House Magazine I learned this great tip for storage.