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Tami Smight

    Your House Facelift

    Tami Smight


    A facelift for your room may sound like an expensive, exhausting project.  I suggest that it is easier than it sounds.  Rather than hire professional help, try being your own decorator and give your space an updated look with fresh paint, new fabrics and some added treasures.

    All this can be accomplished over a weekend if you are focused and motivated.

    Invite The Ocean Home With You


    Tami Smight Interior Design


    Invite that toes in the sand feeling into your home year ‘round by filling it with mother nature’s treasures of natural seashells, coral, earthy driftwood and accents of aqua.

    The great thing about the color aqua, it pairs beautifully with neutrals to create multi-dimensional color palettes with depth and interest.

    50 Shades Of Gray

    By Tami Smight, ASID

    The Least Expensive Decorating Tool In My Bag

    Tami_Smight_HeadshotThe Least Expensive Decorating Tool In My Bag

    So what do you think is the most affordable way to add instant change to a room?  That’s right, wall color!

    Paint color, more than any other design element will transform your room.




    How To Buy Furniture That Lasts From Newborn To Teen

    Outfitting a baby nursery can be an expensive proposition.  There is the changing table, crib, rocker and night stand, maybe a bookshelf.  We of course want the best for our children and get caught up in the emotion of it all, often overlooking practicality for what we want right now!


    How To Create A Luxury Spa Bath At Home

    Tami_Smight_HeadshotHow To Create A Luxury Spa Bath At Home

    Inspired by the relaxed feel at a hotel spa, I designed my bathroom renovation to capture that luxurious calm style.

    Soak up some of Tami’s design tips to capture that luxurious elegance in your master bathroom.




    What You Need To Know About Vessel Sinks

    Tami_Smight_HeadshotWhat You Need To Know About Vessel Sinks

    First of all, what is a vessel sink?  It looks like a bowl sitting on top of the counter.  They are often made of glass or ceramic pottery. They are very popular and often featured in showrooms.

    If you are considering adding a vessel sink to a powder room or bathroom please consider the following important factors before purchasing.


    $ave Thousands With Cabinet Makeovers


    $ave Thousands With Cabinet Makeovers

    If your existing kitchen or bath cabinetry is in good condition, you can save thousands of dollars by updating rather than replacing your cabinetry.

    Read on to learn some budget friendly tips to get you started on your design project.

    Kitchen Facelift On A Budget


    Kitchen Facelift On A Budget

    If you have champagne dreams and a tight budget, don’t give up hope for that kitchen renovation!  There are things you can do to bring the budget down to proper scale.





    Cost Cutting Ideas

    How To Live Large In A Small Space

    Tami_Smight_HeadshotHow To Live Large In A Small Space

    It can be challenging to create a traffic flow in a small room and still provide ample seating for family members and guests.   I have a few design tricks up my sleeve that will help you to decorate your small room.