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Media Management In Your Home

Ad Council research shows the majority of parents, 70-80%, have serious concerns about age-inappropriate television content.  However, according to a Kaiser Generation M study, 53% of 8-18 year-olds say their families have no rules about TV watching.



This campaign was developed by the Ad Council to help parents and caregivers take control of TV viewing in their own home.  The campaign PSAs and website,, provide tips on how to help manage TV programming.

Some tips on how to manage the TV in your house

- Designate a TV time that doesn’t interfere with homework, chores, or other responsibilities.

- Place the TV in a family area

- Create a list of acceptable programs for your children to watch

- Preview TV shows and movies either by watching them yourself, or by going online to see ratings.  (A good site for movie rating content is

- If you and your child happen to see some questionable material, turn off the TV, and talk about it.  

For a complete list of tips, and more information, go to