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Math Support Services

    Math Support Services Compares California Standards To Asia

    Peggy Cannistraci, owner of Math Support Services in Santa Clarita, participated in a trip to Asia with her daughter to learn more about their educational system and compare it to the educational system in California. 

    Big Changes In Education Begin This Year

    By Peggy Cannistraci

    Maybe you have heard some of the rumblings about COMMON CORE being implemented this fall, and you are wondering what this means for your child. The eight standards focus on depth of understanding and far more problem solving skills vs. learning the mechanics of the mathematics.

    Education Now Determines Destiny In The U.S.

    By: Peggy Cannistraci

    Changes in our economy have had a huge impact on the difference between the working class and those with a college education.  Blue-collar workers now earn less than their father did and the unemployment rate for those who drop out of high school is now more than 15%.

    Inspiring Your Child To Become A Winner When Raw Talent Isn't Enough

    Studies have shown that the difference between children identified as geniuses when compared to children with above average intelligence is very little, which shows that raw intelligence is not as much of a factor in the ability to achieve lifelong success as we may think.

    Hard work has also proven a large factor in success and raw talent alone is not enough.