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Local Residents Prepare For The Big One

Earthquake simulation to hit Santa Clarita

Sponsored By:

All Creatures Emergency Center

Santa Clarita is just one of many cities that will take part in the largest earthquake preparedness drill in history.
The Great Southern California Shake Out is set to take place on November 13 at 10 am.
Local schools, businesses and residents will duck, cover and hold with millions of others throughout Southern California to simulate what would happen if an earthquake magnitude 7.8 were to hit.
The two hour simulation covers more than just duck, cover and hold; its designed to allow residents to consider how they would get around, communicate and survive for an extended period of time if this type of disaster were to happen at that exact moment.  
Residents should see how prepared they are by evaluating their access to water, flashlights, a radio and other essentials needed to survive.
Another valuable tip is setting up a family member out of state who can be contacted in an emergency.  This contact will help by giving families a secure contact to help relay information when local lines are down.
The goal of the program is to make sure Californians are prepared no matter what the situation and to prevent a disaster from becoming a catastrophe.  
KHTS will also be doing an on air countdown to the simulation.

"We’ll be running through our checklist…inspecting back up power, emergency broadcast capabilities and testing online measures to deal with
extended traffic on our website,” said KHTS Program Director Jason Endicott. “From our transmitter to our station we’ve implemented a lot backups to ensure we can stay online during an emergency.”
Local law enforcement, fire and emergency responders will also be running through scenarios to better prepare themselves.

For more information on how to prepare for an earthquake go to