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Sacramento Road Trip 2009

Sacramento Road Trip 2009

    Larry Mankin: The Power Of Building A Community Through Advocacy

    By Larry Mankin

    On March 23-24, 2009 I got to once again see just how important it is to have a community plan, and to have a dedicated group of community leaders willing to go the extra mile to share a community’s vision leaders in Sacramento.


    I was fortunate enough to travel to Sacramento with seventy other SCV delegates on those two days to meet with members of both the state Assembly and the State Senate and many members of a number of state agencies responsible for providing services for the citizens of California.

    Paul De La Cerda's Post-Trip Thoughts

    Community advocacy in action: The Signal road-trips to Sacramento

    The following article was published in The Signal newspaper.

    On Monday morning, March 23, I anxiously awoke at 5:30 a.m. realizing I had to wait two more hours until I could board a chartered bus to take part in an annual road trip to our state Capitol.

    Paul Strickland's Post-Trip Thoughts

    The following article was published in The Signal newspaper.

    Local leaders take budget concerns to Sacramento
    Right Here, Right Now

    Carl and Jeri Seratti Goldman's fourth annual KHTS-AM 1220 Sacramento Road Trip March 23-24 was indeed a huge success. I don't know which I enjoyed more, California Assemblyman Cameron Smyth's well-planned program of legislative speakers or the bonding necessitated by a six-hour bus ride with 70 Santa Claritans. It's a toss-up.

    Bill Kennedy's Post-Trip Thoughts

    The following article was published in The Signal newspaper.

    Right Here, Right Now!

    By Bill Kennedy

    Ann Unger: It Starts With A Road Trip

    By Ann Unger

    This article originally appeared in the Magazine of Santa Clarita.


    2009 Participant List

    A list of who participated in the 2009 Sacramento Road Trip

    Arnold, Fred  - California Association Of Mortgage Brokers, President

    Atkins, BJ  -  Newhall Water, Board of Trustees

    Ball, Chris  -  Santa Clarita Builder's Exchange, President

    Braly, Hunt & Pamela -  Law Firm of Hacker-Braly, Partner

    Bronson, Sharon -  KHTS AM-1220 Radio

    Clingen, Bill  -  Macro Wealth Integration, President

    Clingen, Heidi -  Straightline Publishers, LLC, Managing Editor

    Sacramento Road Trip - 2009 - Meeting Schedule

    Schedule for Sacramento Road Trip - March 23rd- 24th 

    March 23, 2009 

    Sacramento Road Trip - 2009 - Interview Podcasts

    March 23rd and 24th KHTS AM-1220 joined a group of over 70 community leaders on a road trip to Sacramento to talk to state policy makers about important Santa Clarita issues.

    These podcast contains interviews from Road Trip participants:

    Podcast 1
    {enclose sac09_podcast1.mp3}

    Sacramento Road Trip - I-5 Project Proposal


    Project Description & Funding Request: Interstate 5 Gateway Improvement Project in North L.A. County, March, 2009

    Sacramento Road Trip - 2009 - Hart District Position

    William S. Hart Union High School District

    ISSUE #1 - Equalization Funding Background