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KHTS Endorses Kellar & Spierer

KHTS co-owner Carl Goldman with a KHTS Editorial:

Sponsored By:

Action Family Foundation - Drug Take Back Day 2014

City council elections are April 8th. This is the first City Council race when we don’t have a whacko running as a candidate. In the past, we’ve had them from both sides of the political spectrum. Not this year.


All five  candidates will make great representatives. That’s why many community leaders are split on their support. All agree re-electing Bob Kellar is a must. His track record speaks for itself. But when choosing the second candidate, remember, we vote for two, the field is divided, as it should be. They are all strong candidates.


After careful consideration, KHTS is endorsing Bob Kellar and Bob Spierer.  Our time spent with Spierer has revealed a bright, level headed, compassionate man, someone who will carefully weigh each issue and judge it on its own merits, not on outside lobbying. 


For us, the two Bobs bring a nice balance to the current City Council mix. We urge the other three candidates not to be discouraged. We’d like to see you continue your involvement and run again.