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Health And Beauty By DermaCure, It’s Not The Injectable

Because of clever advertising on television and in magazines, most of us get caught up in the advantages or cost of many products. And although there are certain assets that one product may have over another, and the fact that we all love a bargain, the fact remains; It’s not the paint, it’s the artist, it’s not the plane, it’s the pilot, it’s not the scalpel, it’s the surgeon and it’s not the botox or restylane, it’s the injector.

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“The advent of hyaluronic acid cosmetic dermal fillers has dramatically changed the landscape of facial plastic surgery,” states Dr. Craig Ingber, MD, owner of DermaCure of Valencia and Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.  “More than 10 years ago, Restylane entered the market and rapidly replaced bovine collagen as the filler of choice.  Juvederm followed, and together these two offered the advantages of no prior skin testing, reversibility and tripled the length of time they maintained the facial improvements.”

Other fillers have since entered the field.  Most of these are NOT pure hyaluronic acids (which occur naturally in our skin). They contain foreign materials which are meant to plump defects and wrinkles by causing scar formation in the skin.

They can cause lumpiness and are not reversible.  But most importantly they take the results out of the injectors [artist’s] hands.

Dr. Ingber explains, “One of the best things about Restylane and Juvederm is that their results are instant.  The patient can see immediate results as the procedure progresses. This also means that the injector can see his work develop.  Thus one has almost complete control of the outcome.  As the injector fills in defects and smoothes wrinkles or reshapes the nose or lips he can assure the patient that the final result will look within 95-100% of what they see at the end of the treatment.  There can be no ‘overdone’ look that mysteriously develops later.”

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The cosmetic result is in the hands of the injector/artist/sculptor.  It is his or her knowledge of facial anatomy [muscles, nerves and vessels], and the concepts of facial beauty, along with an inborn artistic eye that separates great results from regrettable ones.

Dr. Craig Ingber, MD is a board certified facial plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the art of facial injections.  He owns and operates DermaCure of Valencia.

Health And Beauty By DermaCure, It’s Not The Injectable

Article: Health And Beauty By DermaCure, It’s Not The Injectable
Source: Santa Clarita News
Author: Andrew Delgado