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The Back Pain Epidemic In Santa Clarita


By: Dr. Thomas Polucki DC

Chances are you will experience back pain sometime in your life. 80% of all Santa Clarita residents will, according to WebMd.com.Dr. Thomas Polucki DC

Whether it’s lower back pain, middle back pain, or upper and neck pain, coping with the discomfort can be very challenging.

“Most people who experience back pain serious enough to seek professional help first try a conventional approach to treat back pain,” shared Santa Clarita chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Polucki.

Polucki isn’t your typical chiropractor. He doesn’t twist or crack your back. After teaching the technique programs at two very different chiropractic schools and 20 years of clinical research and development, Polucki states, “the spine loves finesse, not manipulation.”

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“Unfortunately, the only thing worse than the initial episode of back pain is back pain that keeps coming back,” stated Polucki.

A big majority of back pain sufferers have already gone through countless alternative methods for back pain as well as typical treatments. Hopefully you haven’t spent too much time or money suffering with back pain already.

“Many patients seek help with their pain from 4 or 5 doctors and typically endure 1 or more spinal surgeries and still have felt minimal relief from back pain before they are successfully treated by alternative forms of relief from back pain,” says Polucki.

More often than not any hope of lasting relief requires a functional evaluation with nerve and connective tissue rehabilitation instead of just pain management.

Polucki stresses there are solutions. “Contributing factors to recurring back pain are rarely only where the pain is located. Only a thorough functional exam can reveal these hidden stressors that cause and keep the pain coming back.”

As anywhere else, the first step is relief. This may happen surprisingly fast for some people with long standing back pain and typically there is some relief from most back pain within a handful of treatments, but complicated and chronic cases may take more time.

As Dr. Polucki explains, “Your improvement is measured on every visit to ensure you are receiving the most beneficial treatments for the cause of your back pain. After 12 treatments, a complete functional re-evaluation is performed and many people are ready to move into the second phase of care, rehabilitation.”

In the rehabilitation phase, the focus of your care is to strengthen and stabilize the connective tissues while keeping stress off the nerves that control the repair process. This often missed step is critical in making sure that the back pain doesn’t come back at the first sign of stress. By utilizing alternative methods of treatment, you can make sure not to skip the most important steps in creating results and promising solutions for your back pain relief.

If you are ready to explore how you can put an end to your back pain, call Dr. Thomas Polucki, DC at 661.753.9340 for a complimentary consultation and preliminary evaluation to see if you are a good candidate for the lasting relief from back pain program. Or visit www.mykindofdoctor.info