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Fireworks Bulldog Found Safe On Plum Canyon

Dog wandering toward Bouquet Canyon spotted by alert driver.


Roxy, the Boston bulldog that ran from her Wildwind Road home after kids set off illegal fireworks Saturday, is home safe.

Roxy is home safe after a harrowing 5-day adventure.


The dog, a little haggard and tired, was seen running along Plum Canyon Road near Rodgers Drive Thursday morning shortly before 8 a.m. A driver that had seen the dog’s picture on a flier stopped and called the owners, who were able to recover their family pet.

“She’s dirty and skinny and limping a little, but she’s home,” said Roxy’s owner, Renee Spears. “When I opened the door to let her out of my husband’s car, she ran into the house, got one of her toys and sat down in her bed, like she’d just been gone 20 minutes.”

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Renee said that people were very supportive when she and her husband took fliers door-to-door in hopes of finding her and they’re grateful for the help.

The Spears hired a pet-finding service that sent bloodhounds out Wednesday morning to track Roxy’s scent. The dogs were able to plot a path across Whites Canyon Road into North Oaks Park and the hills near Canyon High School.

Thursday morning, Roxy was resting and recovering, but Renee said she’s got some plans for her when she’s back up to speed.

“She’s getting microchipped and a new collar and a GPS unit,” Renee said, laughing.