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A Final Goodbye To San Fernando Road

Road's name changed to something more area-specific.

Sponsored By:

Prima Pediatrics

State Route 14 freeway exit signs for San
Fernando Road will be changed today to "Newhall
Avenue", completing the street name transition
that began in 2005 with the adoption of the Downtown Newhall General Plan.


The renamed freeway signs replace the last remaining
segments of San Fernando Road
street names. 


After winning over the public at a series of meetings, and
garnering Newhall Redevelopment Agency support, the Santa Clarita City Council officially
voted to change the San Fernando Road
street names to Newhall Avenue
in 2007. Now the exit signs on the State Route 14 freeway will reflect that
change, decreasing confusion for motorists exiting on San
Fernando Road, which leads to Newhall


Technically, Newhall Avenue
now connects via a curve at the mouth of Main Street
in Newhall. Railroad Avenue breaks off from Newhall Ave.
and meets Bouquet Canyon Rd.


The street name changes are part of the Downtown Newhall
Specific Plan and are meant to increase recognition of the community and
decrease confusion for motorists traveling to and through Newhall.