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Deputies Open Fire At Suspect In Canyon Country

20 year old arrested after evoking gun fire.

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On Friday evening, two Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Deputies were eating dinner outside of their patrol car in a parking lot on the corner of Soldead Canyon Road and Solomint Rd. According to Lt. Gump from the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s station, the deputies witnessed four young men fighting near the front of the shopping center and rushed to break up the fight.


It was there that they witnessed one suspect hitting another young man with a shiny chrome object that the Deputies perceived to be a gun. When the Deputies ordered the men to cease, the suspect jumped in his car, at which point one Deputy says the shiny chrome object was pointed at him.


The first Deputy fired 4 shots at the car, and his partner fired one. The car sped away.


Approximately one hour later, the vehicle was found and the suspect was arrested. Inside the vehicle Deputies found a chrome plated tire iron.


Neither the suspect nor the Deputies sustained any injuries and the investigation continues.