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Valencia Company Detects Leaks Worldwide

MediVac Technologies, a Valencia-based leak detection company which recently performed work in Iraq, has been contracted to provide leak testing services to a United States military facility in northern Japan that was damaged in a recent earthquake...

  Bo Manly, one of the founding partners of MediVac, said his firm was contracted to provide emergency response services to the U.S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center in Yokosuka Japan, which was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake Nov. 28.
    The U.S. Fleet and Industrial Supply Center receives, stores and issues fuel for American activities in Japan.
    “MediVac has been called in because a section of the main cross-country pipeline supplying this facility has been damaged underground,” Manly said. “MediVac personnel will be deployed on Dec. 15 to perform a detector probe test of the entire underground line and provide pinpoint location of the leak or leaks.”
    Manly said the contract is worth about $20,000.
    MediVac specializes in leak detection for leaks — such as vacuum and pressure leaks — for industry plants. The company has been in business for five years.

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