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Today on Beyond Harmony

As discussed on Beyond Harmony today, following is a list of ingredience found in Halloween make-up.  Beyond Harmony is hosted by Rosemary Murphy every Friday at noon on Santa Clarita's Hometown Station, AM 1220, KHTS.

This is a list of some ingredients found in Halloween Make-Up for Adults and Children. While most people may not have any serious side-effects from their use, it would make good sense to avoid exposing young children, those who are especially sensitive to cosmetic ingredients, or anyone suffering from cancer or other diseases. The sampling of products came from random purchases at various Santa Clarita retailers.



Petrolatum-can cause allergic skin reactions in the hypersensitive.


Ceresin-(Cera Microcristallina)-may cause allergic reactions.


Stearic Acid-possible sensitizer for people with allergies.


Talc-(French Chalk)-prolonged inhalation can cause lung problems because it is similar in composition to asbestos, a known lung irritant and cancer causing ingredient.


Cetyl Alcohol-low toxicity for both skin and ingestion and is sometimes used as a laxative. Can cause hives.


Triethanolamine-should not exceed 5% and be used only in “rinse off” products. Should not be used with “nitrosating agents” (the introduction of a nitrogen and oxygen molecule that may cause the compound to form cancer-linked nitrosamines).


DMDM Hydantoin-causes cancer when given orally or injected into the abdomens of rats at high doses.


PEG 8-(Oleic Acid)-low oral toxicity and mildly irritating to the skin.


PVP-(Polyvinylpyrrolidone)-Ingestion may produce gas and fecal impaction or damage to lungs and kidneys. It may last in the system for months to a year.



Information came from Fifth Edition, A Consumer’s Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, by Ruth Winter, M.S.

All above ingredients are approved by the FDA and CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review).



Avoid Eye Contact. If it occurs, flush immediately with water.

Keep Out of Reach of Children!!!!    (I LOVE THIS ONE)

Keep Fake Blood, Orange, Pink, Lavender, Red Make-Up and Glitter Gel Away from Eye Area.

Keep Blue and Green Make-Up Away from Lip Area.

Make-Up and Fake Blood may Stain some Fabrics.


Rosemary-Beyond Harmony Day Spa