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Surfin’ Safari with Beginning Surfing Class at COC

Catch some waves in the new class at College of the Canyons 

“Let’s go surfin’ now, everybody’s learning how, come on and safari with me,” sing the Beach Boys, and this summer College of the Canyons will offer eager dudes and dudettes the opportunity to catch some waves in the new class PE 135: Beginning Surfing. COC professor Adam Kempler will teach the course.
After living in Norway for most of his early years, Kempler and his family moved to sunny Costa Mesa, CA at the age of nine. With no snowy mountains and nothing to do, Kempler’s mom signed him up for a surfing class offered by the Newport Beach lifeguards in the summer of 1974. “Before I could drive, my friends and I used to ride our bikes to the beach in the morning before school with our boards under our arms.  We would leave at 4 a.m. in blackness, ride our bikes four miles to the beach, catch waves for one hour as the sun rose, and then ride home.  I dinged my board on my handlebars doing that, and then I was supposed to stay awake in school all day.” Kempler has surfed both shortboards and longboards in places such as Old Mans in San Onofre, Malibu, Rincon, Mexico and once in Hawaii. “I’m 40 now, so I have been surfing for 31 years.  I have taught hundreds of people how to surf.  My wife and I have six children and we all surf.  One of my sons, Stephen, surfs a lot; he’s been in a few contests.  He would rather surf than do almost anything else.  That can be a problem.  You have to be careful with surfing: it’s addictive,” said Kempler.