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Smyth Tackles LAUSD in New Bill

In the wake of a decision by the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge declaring AB 1381 (Mayoral control) unconstitutional, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth (R-Santa Clarita), who represents the North San Fernando Valley, announced today that he will introduce legislation to break up Los Angeles Unified into smaller more accountable and manageable districts in early January.

“I sincerely applaud the Mayor in his recognition that LAUSD must be reformed, but I do not feel that Mayoral control affords parents and local communities the necessary accountability over their children’s education,” said Smyth.  “Now that the Courts have ruled AB 1381 unconstitutional, we must take the momentum generated and put together a viable plan that passes constitutional muster and provides parents and students of Los Angeles the best education possible.”

Smyth continued “It is also critical that our teachers feel safe in the classroom, as well as have all the resources and classroom flexibility necessary to bring out the best in every student. I am under no illusions of the challenges we face in reforming LAUSD, however, we must take action.  Every year we delay, more and more kids lose out on the opportunity for the quality education they deserve.”

Smyth went on to say “When the Legislature reconvenes in January, I plan to sit down with all the affected stakeholders to review and study all the alternatives and previous efforts to reform LAUSD.  This issue is too important to act hastily and I will take the time necessary to draft legislation that incorporates the concerns of the community, but most importantly allows our students the best opportunity to succeed.