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Smyth To Combat Pedophile With New Legislation

Town Hall meeting scheduled for Wednesday

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth

This coming Wednesday, August 8th, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth will be hosting a town hall meeting with the community to talk about the self-described pedophile by the name of Jack McClellan who has visited Santa Clarita. McClellan has denied committing any sexual crimes against children, but has openly admitted that he is most attracted to pre-pubescent girls.  McClellan also runs a website that features reviews of the best places to find little girls.

At the meeting, which will be at 6:30 pm in City Council Chambers, Smyth plans on talking about new legislation that he is proposing to change the penal code to address surrogate stalkers. “He goes to communities throughout California, specifically Los Angeles, and he writes these on line reviews for other pedophiles to view, and to see where the best places are for them to find potential victims,” Smyth says. “To me, that is absolutely acting as a stalker.”

Smyth notes that his group has found a section in the California penal code that says; “if you willingly and knowingly put children in danger you have broken the law.” The only problem is that as the law stands now, it only applies it to those who are in custody of children.

By changing the code, California legislators could increase that to reach people that act on behalf of stalkers.

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“What we’re trying to do is amend that penal code, to give law enforcement the tools to deal with people like Jack McClellan,” Smyth concluded.

Also in the news, since KHTS broke the story about the local law firm Owen Patterson and Owen filing a civil suit against McClellan, new details have surfaced. The court date has been set for 8:30am Friday, August 3rd at the LA Superior Court’s North Valley District Chatsworth Courthouse located at 9425 Penfield Avenue, Chatsworth, California 91311.

We have heard from a number of Santa Clarita residents who say that they plan on attending the hearing, where local lawyers Rick Patterson and his partners will argue for a restraining order against McClellan to keep him out of Santa Clarita.