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Pump Prices Soar as Barrel Costs Skyrocket

Record high crude oil prices have pushed the average price of regular unleaded gas in the Santa Clarita Valley up more than 20 cents over the last month.
    Randy Cressall, owner of the Valencia Chevron AutoSpa, said because crude oil is selling for more than $53 a barrel, gasoline price may continue to rise.
    “It is a guessing game,” Cressall said...

 “I would not be the least bit surprised if they continued to rise,” he said.
    Cressall said motorists should be “thankful that we are not in other parts of the world were they are paying two and a half times more than we are.”
    A gallon of regular unleaded gasoline sold for an average of $2.322 in the SCV in mid-October, compared to $2.107 in mid-September, according to a survey conducted Thursday by Cressall for The Signal.
    Regular unleaded gasoline averaged $2.292 at neighborhood stations in the SCV in mid-October, up 20.3 cents since last month.
    A gallon of regular unleaded sold for an average of $2.118 at stations located along the freeway Thursday, up 22.7 cents from prices a month ago.
    According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, the average price of self-serve regular gasoline in the Los Angeles–Long Beach area was $2.232 a gallon Friday, which is 11.9 cents higher than last week, 13 cents higher than last month and 32 cents above last year.
    In San Diego, the price was $2.266 Friday, which is 11.7 cents higher than last week, 14 cents above last month and 37 cents higher than last year.

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