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News Anchor Featured At COC Womens Conference

The Women's Leadership

Conference on April 11 at College of the Canyons will be a day filled with

professional enlightenment. With keynote speakers, including the newly added

Marta Waller, breakout sessions and exhibitors, attendees will be challenged

to broaden their perspectives and encouraged to pursue new ways of thinking

about professional development, entrepreneurship skills, personal growth and


                     The closing keynote speaker, Marta Waller,

provides medical reports and special features for "KTLA Prime News." Waller

has been with KTLA/WB for 20 years. She has reported on stories that have

impacted and shaped Los Angeles, such as her contribution as anchor of

KTLA/WB's coverage of the O. J. Simpson murder trial. Waller has won

numerous awards for her reporting and anchoring, including one from the Los

Angeles Press Club for her reporting of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

                Jamaal Wilkes will be a morning keynote

speaker for, "Successful under fire: Lessons for being your best in crunch

time." Wilkes, a former NBA Laker, is currently president of Jamaal Wilkes

Financial Advisors, a company that offers comprehensive investment planning

and management services to foundations, business owners/entrepreneurs,

affluent professionals and non-profit organizations.

                Three women scientists from NASA's Jet

Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena-Ashley Stroupe, Jaime Waydo and Ruth

Fragoso-will be the luncheon keynote speakers.

                Stroupe will talk about her experiences

working in operations for the Mars Exploration Rovers, a pair of robotic

geologists looking for signs of water on Mars in hopes of determining if

Mars ever supported a habitable environment. Stroupe will also briefly

discuss the current combined efforts of developing the next generation of

robotic planetary explorers, including climbing and construction.

                Waydo, a lead mechanical engineer for the

rover mobility system, will speak about NASA's next rover mission planned

for a fall 2009 launch.

                Ruth Fragoso is a mission training

operations engineer for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and is one of the

Spanish media representatives for JPL. Fragoso will speak more about MRO and

it's abilities and duties while orbiting the red planet.

                The breakout sessions include topics on

professional development, entrepreneurship and personal growth, including:

                    Breakout 1: Be a leader not a


                    Breakout 2: Teaching kids how to

manage their money

                    Breakout 3: Entrepreneurship: Is it

really for you?

                    Breakout 4: Power, politics and

influence: presenting yourself with impact

                    Breakout 5: Moving sales

conversations forward

                    Breakout 6: Cultivating your career


                    Breakout 7: Let's talk money

                    Breakout 8: Creating mentors and

allies: building successful relationships

        The afternoon program includes:

                    Breakout 9: Nuts and bolts of

starting your own business

                    Breakout 10: Win-lose or win-win,

it's up to you

                    Breakout 11: Networking 101: Build

your business by networking with a purpose and plan

                All-day cost of attendance is $95, $60 half

day, and $40 for students with a valid student ID.

                For more information about the conference

and registration, contact Agnes Eguaras at (661) 362-5034 or at or visit the conference website at