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Memorial Weekend DUIs, Fatalities Up From Last Year

The CHP reports increases in Santa Clarita

Before Memorial Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol issued materials warning drivers to drive safely because they would be ramping up their patrols.


In fact, 80% of the force’s patrol officers were out over the weekend. The goal was to hopefully prevent people from making poor decisions on the road such as drinking and driving, not wearing seatbelts or speeding.


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However, some people didn’t heed the call, and as a result, eighteen DUI arrests were made by the CHP over the holiday weekend, two more than in 2006.


In addition, one highway related fatality was recorded in Santa Clarita over the weekend, where there were none last year.


The increase in Santa Clarita may not be indicative of any particular trend, however it does point to an alarming number of DUIs.


While the average DUIs found at a checkpoint in the city usually total three or four, the CHP arrested eighteen just on patrol.


According to Officer John Lutz of the CHP, holiday weekends are always busy for them. They increase patrol units for several holidays, including Labor Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, New Years and Christmas.