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Illegal Party At Business Brings Hundreds

Fight leads to arrests, citations


ImageOn Friday night, two hundred people showed up for a party in Canyon Country. Only the party wasn’t at a home, it was at a local business.


Santa Clarita deputies are reporting that a resident in the area flagged patrol units down to tell them about a fight happening in the parking lot of Canyon Gifts and Payment Center, on Soledad Canyon Road.


When deputies arrived they say that they witnessed 40 people running onto Soledad, and 150 more in the parking lot. Immediately, the partygoers scattered, and two 18 year olds  ran into the store and locked the door.


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As more responding units showed up, several curfew citations were issued, and some arrested were made. The two individuals who locked themselves in the store were eventually coaxed out, and arrested.


It was later learned that the partygoers had paid $5 to get into the illegal party.