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Home Fire Breaks Out In Canyon Country

A home caught on fire around 1:00pm. The home is located on Keaton Avenue, off of Whites Canyon Road and Steinway in Canyon Country. No one was home at the time of the fire.

Fire crews responded and were able to put out the blaze before any other homes were damaged. Neighbors reported that there was an explosion heard at the onset of the fire. A propane tank and barbeque were found charred in the backyard, but weather or not it was the source of the explosions has yet to be determined by investigators.

It has been determined that the fire started somewhere in the back of the house, possibly in the yard.

The family was not in the house at the time of the fire; however the teenage children arrived shortly after they were alerted by neighbors.


One dedicated neighbor even went to the house to try and help, but he felt the heat on the door and he saw the windows cracking and breaking.

 The family owns Cruz’s Bridal, and have been business owners in Santa Clarita for 25 years. The home is a total loss.