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Heads Up Director On Slow Road To Recovery

Jim Tindell remains in ICU for burn treatment

Jim Tindell

After three weeks in the ICU, Jim Tindell is still healing from both 2nd and 3rd degree burns he received during the Buckweed fire.

It was just a few weeks ago when the Buckweed fire ravaged land from Agua Dulce to Santa Clarita. In its path was a small Horse Therapy non-profit called Heads Up.


Prior to the fires, the organization’s Director Jim Tindell lived on the small horse property on Bouquet Canyon Road with his family.


However, fueled by strong winds, the Buckweed fire tore through the area, and with little warning, Tindell had to pack up his family and tell them to leave the property. He stayed behind, and with flames burning all around him, he led almost all of the horses into a small arena where they would have the best chance of surviving.


When the flames were too much to handle, Tindell then tried to make his escape. The fire proved too fast however, and as a result Tindell was badly burned on his hands and his face, but he did make it out. And as a direct result of his heroism, every single horse survived. The Heads Up property was completely destroyed.

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Since then, he has been in the Grossman Burn Center ICU trying to recover.  Dr. Michael G. Holt, a Director at Heads Up, said that Tindell suffered extensive damage to his face and hands.  “He is in stable condition and undergoing a lot of procedures.  He will keep his hands, but the damage is extensive.”

While Tindell has made strides in his recovery, his time at the Burn Center is not over. “He’s been here for three weeks, and we’re still trying to determine what we can and can’t save,” says Holt.

Since Tindell’s family lived on the Heads Up Property, they have lost almost everything. If you would like to donate to the Tindell family, there is currently a gift registry at Target under "Jim Tindell".

Gifts are not limited to Target however, and you can contact Veronica Feathers for more information on alternative gifts and donations at or call her at (661) 993-1725.