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Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Vanishing Fishhook by Lili McNenny

Good morning KHTS listeners.

 Hi! My name is Lili McNenny and I am a 4th grader in Mrs. Maxwell’s class at Mint Canyon Community School in the Sulphur Springs School District.

 I’ll be reviewing Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Vanishing Fishhook written by John R. Erick son and illustrated by Gerald L. Holmes.  It was written in 1999 and is 120 pages long.
 Hank the Cowdog, head of ranch security living on a ranch in Texas with Loper
who is the owner cowboy of the ranch.  Sally May, his wife, Slim, who works for Loper, Alfred, the couple’s son, and Drover the scaredy dog.  One day Alfred took Hank fishing.  When they were there, Hank accidentally swallowed a fishhook with live bait on it.  Slim tried to get it out with liquid soap so it would slide out when Hank threw it up.  When that did not work, they took him to the vet.  On the way Alfred noticed that Hank wasn’t feeling well and hurries him out of the car.  Then he threw up the bait and the hook.

 I liked the story because I think it is interesting that a dog swallowed a fishhook and people are trying to get it out with soap.

 I think a reader would enjoy this book because it is humorous and in some parts he makes little mistakes when he is solving crimes and in his grammar.  Thank you for listening to my report.