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Good News For Recovery Of Non Profit Director

Jim Tindell will be released from Burn Center

ImageFor the last month, Santa Clarita Valley resident Jim Tindell has been undergoing burn treatment at the Grossman Burn Center.

His injuries were sustained during the Buckweed fire, when he sacrificed his own safety to stay behind and rescue the horses of Heads Up Therapy on Horseback.  Tindell and his family had been living on the Heads Up property, and they served as program directors.

So after packing up his family, Jim Tindell managed to move nearly all of the horses into a practice area clear of the surrounding brush. He then had to run out of the area, at which time he suffered burns on his hands and his face. His efforts helped ensure that every single horse survived the Buckweed fire.

And now, some more news has just come down about Tindell’s recovery. “His right hand…he’s lost his little finger and his ring finger,” said Heads Up Director Michael Holt. “His left hand looks like he’s not going to lose anything.”

The news, while seemingly grim, is actually positive considering the extent of the damage Tindell received. In previous weeks, doctors had been unsure whether or not Tindell would lose more than that.

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Over the holidays, Tindell was able to make some more progress. He was able to feed himself for the first time, and, also for the first time, Tindell walked himself out of his room to visit with his family.

While the road to recovery for Tindell’s health is going well, the financial losses for him and his family have been staggering. Aside from losing their home and their personal belongings, the Tindell family will face many challenges in the months and years to come. If you would like to help out the Tindell family, contact Veronica Feathers at or call her at (661) 993-1725.