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George And Sharon Runner Join Senator Florez With Bill Targeting Cantil Dump

Senator George Runner (R-Antelope Valley) and Assemblywoman Sharon Runner (R-Antelope Valley) have joined with Senator Dean Florez’s (D-Shafter) legislation to close a loophole that allows landfills approved by local initiatives to avoid the usual reviews by government agencies and public comment for people affected by the landfill. “This legislation is important to ensure that the people who will be affected by the dump will have a say rather than having it forced on them by a local initiative. 

This local initiative will be voted on by many people that will not be affected by the dump.  It’s important that Edwards Air Force Base and people in the Antelope Valley can participate and voice their concern before a dump in Cantil is decided,” said Assemblywoman Sharon Runner.

Assemblywoman Sharon Runner adds, “We do not need more garbage trucks going through our community, we have enough. This legislation will allow us to weigh in on this decision rather than having it forced upon us.”

Senate Bill 1835 would prohibit an enforcement agency from issuing a solid waste facilities permit and the California Integrated Waste Management Board from concurring in the issuance of a solid waste facilities permit for a solid waste facility approved by a local initiative measure, unless the solid waste facility is consistent with local, state, and federal law, including, but not limited to, local planning, zoning, conditional use permit, and other local requirements.
Senator George Runner said, “Just because a dump is approved by a local initiative does not give it carte blanche authority to bypass all of the government review and public comment process.  This process is important to ensure that the affected communities will not be unduly harmed and have an opportunity to weigh in on the decision-making.” 

 Senator Runner is Vice Chair of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee and last week the bill was presented in the committee and passed with a 7-0 vote. 

The legislation will be heard on the Senate Floor next week.