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The Foothill Football Playoff Picture

A Breakdown Of The First Round By The Numbers


The Hart Indians are a curious two seed.  It seems that they were bumped down to the number two seed  because of the 21-21 tie they had with Valencia.  However, they have the potential to be last year's Canyon and to storm through the playoffs which could earn them a bid to the CIF State Championship. 

As for tonight's game, Thousand Oaks has their hands full.  Just looking at the numbers, Thousand Oaks is a typical 15th seed; their record is mediocre and their point differential tells the story of how they won games... barely. 

I expect Hart's QB, BR Holbrook to be unleashed here and to cut up Lancers defense.  Meanwhile, expect Delano "Man-Amongst Boys"  Howell to give those linebackers a taste of Hard-Hitting Foothill Football.



Thousand Oaks

Overall Record 9-0-1   Overall Record 5-5
League Record 4-0-1   League Record 3-2
Points Scored 343   Points Scored 247
Points Allowed 162   Points Allowed 223
Point Differential 181   Point Differential 24
Passing Offense

Passing Offense  
Pass Compeltions 106   Pass Compeltions 130
Pass Attempts 179   Pass Attempts 221
Total Yds 1684   Total Yds 1845
Yards Per Game 168.4   Yards Per Game 184.5

TD- Int                                      18-3          TD- Int                                                     13-8


Saugus, the 5th seed, has had an incredible season with the Double Dragon tandem of QB Rodriguez and  RB Zirbel.  The 24-21 loss to Hart in the last week of the season was the closet thing you can have to a "Good Loss". 

But I expect that the Senior studded defense of the Saugus Centurions to be the heroes in this playoff game against the Pacifica Tritons.  Just looking at the numbers, Vince Moraga, Quarterback of the Tritons, has trouble keeping his team on the field.  Another interesting note is that the Tritons have been outscored by their opponents heavily this year.



Overall Record 8-2   Overall Record 5-5
League Record 4-1   League Record 3-2
Points Scored 362   Points Scored 178
Points Allowed 184   Points Allowed 271
Point Differential 178   Point Differential -93
Russing Offense     Passing Offense  
Total Yds 3191   Pass Compeltions 122
Yards Per Game 319.1   Pass Attempts 195
TD 40   Total Yds 1870
Yards Per Carry 8.27   Yards Per Game 184.5
      TD- Int 4-16


The 11th seeded Valencia Vikings are the lower seed to the Pacific View League Champs, the Oxnard Yellow Jackets (6th).  But the way QB Graham Wilbert is playing, winning the Pacific View League might not matter in this contest. 

Coach Muir's season started gaining momentum when they played a competitive game against Saugus.  They then went on to tie Hart, handily beat West Ranch, and end their season on a positive note by thumping Canyon. 

Oxnard's stats are deceiving at best, because at first glance they look comparable to Saugus.  However, the truth is Oxnard hasn't competed with any team this season that can hold a match to a Foothill representative, especially a team with this much momentum coming into this game. 

So regardless of seeding, Oxnard may be the underdog in this one.    



Valencia   Oxnard
Overall Record 6-3-1   Overall Record 8-2
League Record 3-1-1   League Record 5-0
Points Scored 322   Points Scored 321
Points Allowed 181   Points Allowed 81
Point Differential 141   Point Differential 240
Passing Offense     Russing Offense  
Pass Compeltions 197   Total Yds 3011
Pass Attempts 298   Yards Per Game 301.1
Total Yds 2498   TD 36
Yards Per Game 249.8   Yards Per Carry 7.34
TD- Int 23-3