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DUI Checkpoint Nabs 4

 Friday night, a stretch of northbound Bouquet Canyon road just past Wellston Drive was the sight of the Sheriff’s Department’s February DUI Checkpoint. 1 person was arrested inside the checkpoint, and three more who tried to evade it were also taken into custody for DUI charges.

It’s a life altering legal problem that most in their right minds would not be willing to risk. However, some do, and so state grant money goes to set up checkpoints and “Saturation Patrols” every month to try and get the word out that Deputies will find those who choose to drive under the influence.


1038 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, and a total of seven were pulled out for further testing. Only one of those drivers was arrested.


Some people would rather avoid the checkpoint all together. That’s why Deputies are hidden all along the route to jump out and pull over those who try to bypass the cones. Three drivers were found to be under the influence when they were chased down and pulled over, and one was cited for driving without a license.