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Catastrophic Impact of Illegal Immigration Ignored in Recent Report

Antonovich says the major flaw in a United Way report on the quality of life in L.A. County is the absence of data on the impact of the county’s illegal immigrants.

“While legal immigration is a positive benefit for our county - economically and culturally -- illegal immigration reduces the quality of life for immigrants and others who follow the law.   Once again, the United Way has released a study that turns a blind eye to the catastrophic impact that illegal immigration has on local government's ability to provide vital services including healthcare, education, economic development, housing and public safety.

On top of the high cost of education, illegals cost Los Angeles County taxpayers over a billion dollars a year.

-           Over $360 million annually in health care.

-           Over $220 million in our jails.

-           $14 million per month in Food stamps – nearly $168 million annually.

-           Nearly $21 million a month in CalWorks payments to children of illegals or nearly $252 million annually.

-           Nearly 100,000 children of 60,000 undocumented parents receive welfare.

If incorporated into a city, it would be the 6th largest city in Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County has almost 12% of the country’s illegal immigrant population -- more than any other county.  As a result, our county's health care delivery system has become the HMO for the world, our jails and courts are overwhelmed and we are experiencing a meltdown in our public school system.”