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BREAKING NEWS: Council Can’t Make Decision on Replacement

After five hours of interviews, public comment, and council comments, the end result was postponement until Tuesday, December 12th. Deciding who will fill Cameron Smyth’s vacant council seat was marred by a split council, with Bob Kellar and Laurene Weste ready to make a decision, but Marsha McLean and Frank Ferry wanting more time to look over the information.

Some insight was garnered however; as Frank Ferry said that as of tonight, his top three were Laurie Ender, Bob Spierer and Maria Gutziet. Mayor Laurene Weste said that she had the same top three. Marsha McLean, after hearing this, said that she believed they could at least narrow the field tonight, which one could speculate means that she has a similar top three. She never did say who her front runners were however, and Bob Kellar kept quiet as well, saying that it wouldn’t be fair to the candidates to discuss if there were no vote coming.

So the City will wait. Mayor Weste said she was “disappointed” that a decision could not be reached tonight, and she also stated that tonight was a clear example of why five members were needed on the council as soon as possible.

There was also some talk from Marsha McLean about interviewing Carl Boyer in the hopes of, provided the council could not reach an agreement, thinking of placing him as a caretaker of the seat. Bob Kellar did not agree with that.

It was also made known the rankings each candidate received by the public panel on Friday: Bob Spierer came in first with 56, Bill Kennedy second with 44, Laurie Ender in third with 37, Bill Bolde fourth with 26 and Maria Gutziet with 18.

Bill Bolde

Maria Gutziet

Bill Kennedy

Bob Spierer

Laurie Ender