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Board Approves Antonovich Motion To Develop Vicious Dog Ordinance

The Board of Supervisors approved a motion by Mayor Michael D. Antonovich to adopt a County ordinance to reduce dog attacks through breeding restrictions and mandatory spay/neuter programs of specific breeds of dogs -- with stiff penalties imposed for non compliance. To reduce this serious public safety threat and prevent future tragedies, this action will provide guidelines for responsible pet ownership and penalties for negligent or reckless owners,” Antonovich said.

Antonovich’s motion directs the Department of Animal Care and Control, County Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer to prepare an ordinance by February 14, 2006 for board approval. Attacks by aggressive dogs, predominantly Pit Bulls and Rottweiler breeds have sharply increased throughout Los Angeles County. On January 23rd an 11-month old Antelope Valley girl was brutally attacked and seriously injured by a pit bull. Antonovich has also ordered the Department of Animal Care and Control to increase enforcement, strengthen the penalties for irresponsible dog owners and conduct sweeps to remove vicious dogs from the streets.