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Babe and Me by Travis French

My name is Travis French and I’m a fourth grader at Peachland Elementary School in the Newhall School District. 


I’ll be reviewing Babe and Me written by Dan Gutman.  This story was written in the year 2000 and it has 161 pages.


The main characters in the story are Joe, his dad, and Babe Ruth.  Joe and his dad are baseball fanatics.  Joe and his dad use magic baseball cards to travel in time back to 1932.  They want to go to the 1932 World Series game to see if Babe Ruth really pointed out where his homerun would hit.  The world was different in 1932 and Joe doesn’t understand everything that is going on around him.  Luckily, Joe and his father are able to use the magic baseball card to travel back to 2000. 


I think this is a good book because it inspired me to do my best at sports.  This book also taught me about Babe Ruth.  I would recommend this book to people that like baseball and working hard at sports.