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Antonovich Seeks To Deny Navigants Request for Funds

Los Angeles - Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich has introduced a motion
before the Board of Supervisors directing the Director of Health
Services to deny Navigant Consulting's request for an additional $3.4
million and to hold the firm to their original contractual commitment to
turn around King/Drew Medical Center for $13.2 million.  The scope of the problems at King/Drew was clearly defined when Navigant
entered into the contract.  A competing consulting firm stated that
Navigant's bid was too low to be relevant, yet Navigant assured the
Board that theirs was "a good price" and that they had a good grasp of
the problems they would face at the facility.

 "Claiming ignorance as to the scope of the problems at King/ Drew to
squeeze taxpayers for an additional $3.4 million dollars is
disingenuous.  Navigant testified before the Board of Supervisors that
they were fully aware of the problems at King/Drew before they entered
into this contract," said Antonovich.  

Since November, Navigant has repeatedly stated that they would begin
recruitment of a permanent CEO and Chief Nursing Officer for King/Drew -
yet, to date, this has still not been accomplished.  Until permanent
employees are hired, the County is in a position of being dependent on
Navigant and paying their exorbitant fees.

 "Racing at a snail's pace will not achieve the immediate action required
to get the hospital on its feet in providing safe, needed medical care.
Entering the King/Drew Medical Center needs to be a healing experience
and not a meal ticket for trial lawyers and mortuaries," he said.