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Antonovich Joins With Arnold To Fight Asthma

Impact of pollution a concern. 

ImageLos Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich joined Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Southland air quality officials to discuss reducing the  impact of air pollution on children with asthma at the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s “Asthma Is a Small World” international conference at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim.


Antonovich, a member of the AQMD Governing Board, spoke on the need to reduce the amount of pollutants in the air we breathe, and the alarming increase of asthma among our County’s youth. 


“It is especially important that we protect our children many of whom suffer from the debilitating effects of asthma,” said Antonovich.  “Through continuing research we are meeting the challenge of reducing harmful emissions and protecting public health.”


Last week, Antonovich unveiled a new program that will warn school children of bad air quality using a color coated flag system to mach the levels of pollution on any given day.  Every school day, the proper color flag will be raised to alert students, parents, teachers, and the community when the air quality is bad and when preventive measures need to be taken.