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Antonovich Dissents In Authority Vote

Amending the County Code a radical shift away from representative government.

Image“Shifting authority over to a non-elected puppet is irresponsible and creates more bureaucracy and less accountability -- when what is needed is less bureaucracy and more accountability!”


Los Angeles County is not a business; government is of the people and for the people.  This is an operation where the people’s representatives stand and fall on our issues that we fight for.  This is the way a free society operates. 


This dangerous and reckless proposal muzzles elected representatives and removes the people from the process.  It is disruptive to our democracy as it creates a sound wall between the elected representatives and those to whom we are responsible.   It especially impacts the 1.3 million residents of the unincorporated communities that we serve as Mayor and City Council. 


It is a feel-good, political correctness move that solves nothing and creates additional problems.  Los AngelesCounty’s current structure already provides the CAO with authority and oversight of the department heads and supports open government by allowing those elected by the people to discuss, in an open forum, problems, concerns and solutions.   


There is budget for this proposal and no cost analysis.  The hiring of 8, 10, 12 or more new junior CAO’s, building new offices and hiring additional staff will cost millions of dollars -- money better spent extending library hours, adding sheriff patrols and improving services for emancipating foster youth.  Having a better quality of life is more important than adding more bureaucrats for a government that already has over 90,000 public employees.”