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23 Applicants to be Considered for Seat on Community College Board of Trustees

On Wednesday afternoon, the Santa Clarita Community College Board of Trustees released a list of applicants for a vacant board position.
Interviews will take place in open session starting at 3:45 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. August 23, 2006, for 10 minutes each, with 5 minute breaks between interviews.
The applicants for seat #5 are:
1.     Dr. Alduino A. Adelini
2.     Mr. Michael Berger
3.     Mr. Bill Broyles
4.     Ms. Sandra Bull
5.     Mr. Edward J. Carroll, Jr.
6.     Ms. Marjorie "Margie" Anne Clark
7.     Mr. Ken Dean
8.     Mr. William (Bill) Duke
9.     Mr. Phil Ellis
10.    Ms. Marsha Funch
11.    Mr. Bob Khalsa
12.    Mr. Brian E. Koegle
13.    Mr. Jonathan D. Kraut
14.    Mr. James Lentini
15.    Mr. Gary Nanson
16.    Mr. J.J. O'Brien
17.    Ms. Judith Ann Potthast
18.    Mr. Murray Siegel
19.    Mr. Steven D. Tannehill
20.    Ms. Teresa Todd
21.    Mr. Sheldon Wigdor
22.    Mr. Scott Wilk
23.    Mr. Ron Winkler