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200 Santa Clarita Students Walk Out!

Local Santa Clarita Students held a walk-out today in protest of the Immigration Reform Bill, a federal bill that would make being an illegal immigrant in the United States a felony.  Students at Golden Valley High School walked out of classrooms around 10:00 AM this morning and met peacefully in the amphitheater. 

KHTS received reports that students from Golden Valley were walking to Canyon High School for another peaceful protest.

Golden Valley High School administrators have told us that proper disciplinary action will be used for all of the 200 students involved from the high school.

Here is an official statement from the Golden Valley High School website:

Many students are concerned regarding the Immigration Reform Bill and have been meeting peacefully in the amphitheatre. At about 10:00AM today, a number of these students decided to walk off campus in a peaceful protest of the measure currently before the Senate.

Teachers and Administrators have been meeting with students and offered them a forum for their concerns here on campus, however, they believe that they need to march and we will meet with them when they return to campus in the amphitheatre.