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City Council Agenda Light In Anticipation Of Henry Mayo Hearing

Hospital campus expansion leaves room for little else at
City Council meeting.


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Vayu Yoga

Either the Santa Clarita City Council was extremely lucky,
or they adequately prepared for Tuesday’s City Council meeting.


With the Henry Mayo/G&L Realty campus expansion public
hearing set to start, the remaining items on the agenda were light and
warranted only a handful of written comments.


The comments were all in favor of a motion to install a
multi-way stop sign at the intersection of Valley
Street and 8th Street
in Newhall. The motion was unanimously approved and that project will move


The only other mildly discussed matter was the City’s
decision to move the public comment period to the end of the meeting. This time
is set aside for speakers on items not up for consideration on the agenda.


TimBen Boydston, a former interim Council member, charged
that the Council made the change as residents were making use of the system the


Mayor Bob Kellar insisted that the move was to help be fair
to those who attend meetings to participate in a specific agenda item.


To read more about the new change, click here.


To read about the hot button issue of the evening, the Henry
Mayo/G&L Realty campus expansion, click here.